Starting from August 15, 2023, the Vietnam E-Visa will have a validity period of up to 90 days, for single or multiple entries, for applicants applying for an e-visa to Vietnam.

This article provides guidance on the procedures and process of applying for the Vietnam Electronic Visa (E-visa Vietnam) for 90 days, the latest information.

Can Chinese citizens apply for an E-visa to Vietnam

According to Resolution No. 127/NQ-CP dated August 14, 2023, regarding the application of electronic visas for citizens of various countries and territories, and international border gates allowing foreigners to enter and exit using electronic visas.

This regulation is officially in effect, and therefore, it is possible to apply for an E-visa to Vietnam for a maximum of 3 months for foreign nationals of all nationalities worldwide.

As a result, Chinese citizens traveling to Vietnam for tourism, visiting relatives, or work purposes can all apply for a Vietnamese electronic visa with a maximum validity of 3 months.

The documents required to apply for an electronic visa (E-visa) for Chinese citizens

For Chinese citizens wishing to apply for an E-visa to Vietnam, they need to prepare the same set of documents as applicants of other nationalities, including:

Required docuements for 3 months single/Multi entry Evisa

1. ID
2. Address in Home country
3. Contact in Home country
4. Address in Vietnam
5. Contact in Vietnam
6. Have you been to Vietnam in the last 1 years
7. How long will you want to stay in Vietnam
8. Detail of previous Vietnam’s Visa
9. Violation of the Vietnamese law/ regulation (if any)
(act of violation/ time of violation/ from sanction)
10. Relative or friend information (full name/ address and phone number)
11. Temporary address in Vietnam
12. Occuptaion
13. Purpose to Visit Vietnam
14. Type of Visa

The steps to apply for a 90-day electronic visa for Chinese citizens

Step 1: Chinese citizens access the Electronic Visa Information Page

Step 2: Pay the electronic visa processing fee

Submit the visa processing fee to the designated account on the Electronic Visa Information Page or the national public service portal or the Ministry of Public Security’s public service portal after receiving the electronic profile code from the immigration authority.

Step 3: Receive the electronic visa result

Foreigners requesting an electronic visa are advised to use the electronic profile code to check and print the electronic visa result on the Electronic Visa Information Page.

Processing time: 24 hours/7 days.

Submission method – Online

3 Working Days: Submit the application online via the Electronic Visa Information Page, the national public service portal, or the Ministry of Public Security’s public service portal.

Processing time will not exceed 3 working days from the date of receiving complete information for the electronic visa application and the visa processing fee.

The fee for applying for a 90-day E-visa for Chinese citizens

For the electronic visa, there are two types and two different fees:

3-Month Single Entry: $25 USD (government fee).

3-Month Multiple Entries: $50 USD (government fee).